It’s diapers! It’s a boat!

Who would have thought diapers could form a boat??

I received an email from Calgary for a delivery in Victoria (awesome!) as this wonderful lady found me on the glorious interwebs and loved my work!  She asked if I could create a diaper cake for her coworker and deliver it on their behalf (yay me!).  She wanted a diaper cake for a little boy in a nautical theme, and gave me creative freedom to do as I chose within the budget I was provided.  This is when the wheels start churning.. well, when my mind started doing it’s normal crazy things.

Initially I thought I would be able to find some nautical themed baby items for boys… I’d do a two-tiered cake, and add my special touches with anchors and boats.  Then… as I sat drawing my design, a new thought appeared.  Why not create a diaper cake in the shape of a boat?  I’ve done owls, bikes, sundaes, bassinets… lets create a boat!!

So there went my pencil…and I made a prototype in my design book.  Some diapers, some blankets, and a flag to make it legit of course.

boat cake diapers diapercake victoria vancouver bc baby shower

So, there you have it.  As final as it could be on paper, I was pretty set with this vision.

And.. out shopping I went!  I was so excited to have found some adorable nautical themed items (blankets, onesie, receiving blanket) from Garanimals – little boats, anchors, teddy… can it get any cuter?  For toiletries, I chose Aveeno Baby, and I included a Carters brand 3-piece set (sleeper, bib, and hat), and English/French 7 Days of the Week Bibs!

On to the transformation I went.. What do you think of the end result?

boat cake diapers diapercake victoria vancouver bc baby shower boat cake diapers diapercake victoria vancouver bc baby shower

I have to say this was my favourite new design of 2014!  Over 60 diapers later.. this little boat was on it’s way to a deserving mama & baby!

Let me know what you think of this transformation!  Did I do my design justice?!?  Leave a comment below!

Are you looking for a practical yet fun gift for the little one?  Look no further! Contact me today!

xo, Sonia


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