Entrepreneurs of Today 2016 #EOT2016

Entrepreneurs of Today - Creations by Sonia DIsplay

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in, and day out.

Putting yourself out there is one of the most scariest yet rewarding moments in the world.  Showcasing your talents is never easy – will I receive the same amount of love and compassion? Will my customers enjoy this new product? Should I stick to my “usual?”  Then, when you’re asked personally to be a part of a vision, to be a part of an event that someone has thought about for a full year.. that feeling of assurance is beyond words.

I was honored to be a part of Entrepreneurs of Today – an event showcasing local talent in the community.  These entrepreneurs, including myself, work day in and day out to bring their vision to life.  Being a part of events like this allows us to bring our online world into the real world and meet real people.  It gives the community a chance to meet us in person to get to know the face behind a name or brand.

Entrepreneurs of Today - Creations by Sonia DIsplay

The Entrepreneurs of Today event was hosted by Amrita Bhogal Events and included the following vendors:

@amarsmehndi @creationsbysh
D3viation Marketing @delhicouturecollections @djflawless_
@enchanted.artistry @glamcanvas @krazydaisyflorist
Monu Designs @ora.official @simandsaara
@sweet_avenue_bakery @604canvas

It is so inspiring to work alongside such passionate people in various industries!

#EOT2016 Collage - Creations by Sonia

For this event, I designed, created and sponsored my first event Snapchat filter! What do you think? I was quite happy with it.  I wanted to ensure enough of the screen was available for the actual photo, and balanced well with the event info.  I was so happy with it!


Ps. if you want a custom designed snapchat filter for your next event, contact me! I’d love to bring your vision to life!  How cool would it be for your friends to share where they are!

I brought my signature party piece – handmade life size polaroid frame – with my handmade photo props to the event and people loved it! My sister was so amazing – she went around and got some awesome photos Please feel free to message me for the photo :)

The polaroid is a great way to get unique photos, and can be customized for your event!

I also had the pleasure to announce three new pieces by Creations by Sonia: Elite Boxed Creations, Handmade Greeting Cards and Custom Designed Wall Art!

My Elite Boxed Creations are a fun twist to the subscription box.. without the subscription.  It’s a one-time surprise gift in a box.  With pieces from a variety of locations, these boxes are curated with unique and fun pieces to truly show the recipient how much you truly care.  Each box is filled with various products according to 1 of 7 themes.

Entrepreneurs of Today - Creations by Sonia DIsplay
Entrepreneurs of Today - Creations by Sonia DIsplay

Launch #2 was my handmade greeting cards – special die cut cards to accommodate any theme or occasion! These pieces are special as it really speaks to what Creations by Sonia is all about – special pieces that are far from the ordinary.

Creations by Sonia - Handmade Greeting Cards

Okay.. last piece – I promise!! I have been custom designing a LOT of pieces for people.  From birthdays to corporate events and everything in between.  It is honestly the best feeling to bring a vision to life!  With that, I have had people ask if I’ve got pieces already made.. and now I finally do!  Introducing my new wall art – pieces that I envision would be great in a studio, office, or in/around the house!  If there is something you are looking for, please feel free to let me know.. I’d LOVE to bring it together :)

Entrepreneurs of Today - Creations by Sonia DIsplay


Creations by Sonia - Prints / Wall Art

As part of the Entrepreneurs of Today event, I also hosted a giveaway.  You had to guess how many diapers were in one of my showcase diaper cakes!  Do you want to guess too?  This is the cake – a fun Hot Air Inspired Diaper Cake:

Creations by Sonia : Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake

This diaper cake includes: 16 Size 1 Pampers Swaddlers, Live Clean Wash & Shampoo, Live Clean Lotion, 3 Onesies and 3 Washcloths.

The closest entry I had was 19 diapers!  Congratulations to Harj Mahal!

Creations by Sonia - Giveaway Entries

What did she win? Well, since I LOVE gifting.. I made a Gift It Yourself Kit as my prize! Harj won a package full of my favourite goodies to gift – from the basket itself to embellishments.. her next gift is sure to be the star of the show!

Creations by Sonia: Gift It Yourself Kit, EOT2016 Prize

The event was such a success! I was able to personally interact with several people who came by my booth.  When people say that what I am doing is so unique, so creative, and an exciting business.. it melts my heart! It is so encouraging and serves as fuel to do more – bigger and better right!?

I hope you enjoyed going through the event with me.  Any questions, please feel free to ask! I’d love to bring your party together with either a gift, party piece, or custom designed prints!

Also – a HUGE shout out to my familia for holding it down for me at the event! You all know who you are.. Love you!  When you’re a solo-preneur, you get used to doing everything yourself.  You give it your all.  But, when those you love come out and even just support you… it’s beyond measurable.