Frozen Birthday Party – Best Party Pieces – Vancouver, BC

only an act of true love
can thaw a frozen heart.. 

There’s Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf, a whole lot of love and cold weather.. what movie could I be talking about?  Oh, just the one with the hit song “Let it goooooo!”  Haha.  Frozen, the movie, has got to have been the most raved about movie among all the kids (adults too!).

It was my niece’s fourth birthday, and she was very excited to choose Frozen as her party theme!  Once I knew, I was so thrilled to help create some fun goodies for the party.

Here are some photos from the party featuring my creations that I’d like to share with all of you.  Enjoy!

Frozen Party - Tassel Banner, Life Size Polaroid {}

Custom Frozen Themed Tassel Garland
Custom Life Size (4ftx4ft) Polaroid

Frozen Birthday Party - Tassel Banner {}

Close-up of the customized tassel banner in sky blue, white, baby purple, and bright pink.
A perfect blend to match the party theme!

Frozen Party - Birthday Game - Look, it's Olaf! {}

Look, It’s Olaf!  Oh , wait… its my niece and nephew!  A fun, simple, and easy
DIY game for the littles to play.  Oh… the fun they had!

All you need:
— toilet paper rolls
— orange and black cardstock
— scissors, clear tape

Cut orange cardstock into long triangles, to mimic carrot noses.
Cut black cardstock into little circles, to mimic snowman buttons.

Let kids wrap eachother with toilet paper roll strips!  Tape pieces of toilet paper to one another.
Once fully dressed, tape orange cutout as a nose and tape black circles to the tummy area.

Don’t forget to say cheese!

Frozen Birthday Party - Custom Food Tags - {}

Customized Food Name Tags

Frozen Birthday Party - Printables, Signs - {}

Customized Frozen Prints

Frozen Birthday Party - Elsa {}

One Elsa… two Elsa… three Elsa?!  How adorable are my nieces with Queen Elsa (from My Little Birthday), reading them the Frozen story.  Featured in back: tassel garland & life-size polaroid frame.

 Frozen Birthday Party - Life Size Polaroid Frame {}

How adorbs is my sister & her familia!?
Creations by Sonia Custom Life-size Polaroid in action!

Frozen Birthday Party - Cake {}
My beautiful niece blowing out her candles on her absolutely delish cake (from Spiritual Ingredients)!

– Sonia, Creations by Sonia

I hope you all enjoyed going through the Frozen Birthday Party!  All party pieces can be custom made for any theme or colour preference.  Looking for something in particular? Contact me today!