Happy 2nd Birthday – Paw Patrol Party! – Vancouver, BC

Paw Patrol.. Paw Patrol!
We’ll be there on the double..
No job’s too big
No pup’s too small!
PAW Patrol, we’re on a roll!

It was time to pawwww-ty! My nephew’s 2nd birthday was celebrated with his most favourite tv characters – the Paw Patrol Crew! I was so excited to put my creative touches to action and create some fun party pieces for the event.

Let’s start with the coveted life size polaroid frame! I LOVE creating this little guy – it’s the best way to customize any party.  I made little paw prints to touch up the border, and I bought a Paw Patrol book from Chapters that had a poster inside – and that’s what I used for the highlight for the frame!  But.. can we take a moment first to just look at how cute my little niece and nephew are!!?? Ahh.. I just want to squeeze them!

Paw Patrol Life Size Polaroid Frame { www.creationsbysonia.ca }

Paw Patrol Party - Party Pieces - Vancouver, BC { www.creationsbysonia.ca }

Creations by Sonia – Signature Tassel Banner: 5ft, Paw Patrol Themed Colours

Another one of my signature pieces are the tassel banners! This one is a 5 foot banner with the Paw Patrol themed colours (red, blue, yellow, and white) tassels.  The little die cut paws are the perfect touch to add around the customized print; I made them all different sizes to add dimension to the wall. as for the photo print (I do not own any rights to the photo), I customized it with a “Happy Birthday” banner and faded gradual border.  A perfect centerpiece to a statement wall!  Here’s what it looks like all together:


Paw Patrol Party - Vancouver, BC { www.creationsbysonia.ca }

Again – seriously? These kiddos and their smiles!! This statement wall is a fun way to spice up the party area where you’re going to take most of your photos.  I loved how it turned out! From the balloons to the banner, and poster to my nephew’s paw patrol outfit – I think we got it all covered!

Paw Patrol Party - Party Pieces - Vancouver, BC { www.creationsbysonia.ca }


Paw Patrol Party - Vancouver, BC { www.creationsbysonia.ca }

Cakes were vanilla + chocolate with entirely buttercream frosting – made by Spiritual Ingredients (located in White Rock, BC).  I just love this photo – the birthday boys’ siblings helping them with moral support! So. Darn. Cute!

I designed circular custom labels for each of the favor bags to match the Paw Patrol theme; this is the perfect way to spice up regular white gift bags. Inside were activity board books, markers, and a few other goodies – the perfect activity for them to do after the party!

Paw Patrol Party - Party Pieces - Vancouver, BC { www.creationsbysonia.ca }

I hope you all enjoyed going through the Paw Patrol Birthday Party!  All party pieces can be custom made for any theme or colour preference.  Looking for something in particular? Contact me today!