Trick or Treat – Halloween Gifts!

Twist the bones, and bend them back..
itchita, copita, Melaka, mystica..
trim him of his baby fat..
itchita, copita, Melaka, mystica..
give him fur black as black…




I can’t be the only one that obsesses over Hocus Pocus every Halloween? It has to be one of those classic movies that will be a regular for life.  Halloween is one of those times of the year where you can decorate your home in all things black & scary, and never be questioned!  Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved this time of year.. other than the creepy crawly! Haha.

I was thrilled to create some adorable gift box creations for some lucky little ones!  From Hello Kitty theme to Baby’s First Halloween.. I had the experience of creating practical gifts in a fun and unique way.Hello Kitty Gift Box Halloween

Hello Kitty Halloween Gift Box by Creations by Sonia {}

Can we all take a moment to appreciate those bats on the washi tape? To. die. for! This gift box includes a fun little Hello Kitty Board Book, Hello Kitty TY Stuffy, and a few Playdoh Minis! The perfect combo (outside of all of the chocolates!!) for a fun little activity for the little one. What better way to treat the little one to something other than sugar?! Save that for trick or treat-ing ;)

I was also asked to create little gift boxes (they’re filled with chocolate minis + playdoh minis) for a special little familia! These would also be great to gift to a Halloween Party Hostess! They’re a perfect size, and I find adding these custom touches just add the most perfect touch! Ribbons & washi tape are from Michaels, and I got a little creative with the stickers.  One of the best ways to add a touch of cute to an otherwise simple gift box!

 Halloween Gift Box by Creations by Sonia {} Halloween Gift Box by Creations by Sonia {} Halloween Gift Box for Baby's First Halloween by Creations by Sonia {}

Baby’s First Halloween Gift Box! I was so excited to find this ADORABLE H&M onesie + sleeper.  Like how adorable are those ghosts? I know they’re supposed to be “scary”…but really? I like the cute ones better anyway! And the little ghost I found in the Michaels craft section – how perfectly does it go with my theme?!?!

Halloween Gift Box for Baby's First Halloween by Creations by Sonia {}

&& lastly, I found these haunted house gift boxes! How cute, I mean scary are these!? Love the eyes peeking through the windows… so good! I found little Halloween notepads and pens during my hunting, and included those with a couple chocolates and playdoh minis.  I absolutely love gifting practical gifts, and it’s the best feeling to create these for little ones who would normally not receive a gift!

Halloween Gift Box by Creations by Sonia {}

I hope you enjoyed viewing my creations for Halloween! It was so fun to add a custom and pretty touch to these ghouly gift boxes.  Looking for something in particular? Get in touch with me here!