twenty fifteen [ 2015 ]

If i had to sum 2015 up into one word, it would be: unreal.

I can wholeheartedly say that twenty-fifteen was incredible.  It is through challenges that we appreciate the successes, and I am so proud of where we are today!  Life is a series of ups and downs, highs and lows, good times and the not-so-good.  Be grateful.  There is always a reason to smile; there is always a reason to give thanks; there is always a reason to help one another.  Whether it be through a tangible gift, or the gift of time – don’t forget to show the ones you love how much you care.

Creations by Sonia 2015 -

From retirements to babies, and birthdays to weddings, you have let this tech-infused-creative-at-heart girl release her passion of making things.  Creating pieces that are beautiful, but practical.  Making things that can be used.  Things you can’t simply pick up at the store on their own.  That has been my vision since day one, and I will always stand by that.  Thank you for trusting me.  Thank you for understanding and loving the work I have done.

“Absolutely LOVE my diaper cake from Creations by Sonia!!!!” -SB

I made more beer cakes and towel cakes, and gift boxes and of course diaper cakes.  People finally know what I mean when I say diaper cakes – and trust me, there are still a few out there that think I lie when I show the before-and-after photos!! I launched my own party pieces line, and expanded my prints collection.  You can find Creations by Sonia at two shops on the island and inside baby registry bags too! Creations by Sonia was the “Best of July 2015” by the Baby Spot magazine, and shared by multiple shops on social media.  I dabbled in blogging to show you mroe behind-the-scenes of Creations by Sonia.  I attended fairs, shows, and met so many wonderful and inspiring business women in the industry.  I was reached out to for donations for auctions and bids, and I was so delighted to participate.  I had people tell me that they started focusing more on their passion because of me – I served as an inspiration for them.   How unreal is that? I also learned of someone out there that basically started their own biz copying my name, motto, style to the T. Sigh!

“Friends received the parcel, and they have not understood immediately that this is not a real cake… So many emotions! Thank you so much! You bring us closer together on such a huge distance!”

I had orders come in from Creston to Toronto, to the Ukraine to California! I shipped numerous orders across Canada, and the reach has been amazing.

But – you know what the best feeling is?  That first reaction when someone sees their creation for the first time.  I have to say that I am truly blessed that I have never once received a complaint.  To me, that is telling.  Seeing as a lot of my creations are custom designed, people are not 100% sure what they are going to end up with.  However, when they see the creation in their hands or by photo – I can tell that I have brought their vision to life.

Creations by Sonia 2015 -

“Thanks to Creations by Sonia for bringing my vision together on the great gift basket!”

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I am looking forward to a new year with new possibilities!  I am beyond grateful for the opportunities that have come by way, and can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store.  What new projects are brewing? You will have to wait to find out!

May this coming year be filled with love, passion, happiness, health, and of course – lots of parties & gifts, for one and all!

Lots of love,
♥ Sonia, Creations by Sonia