Valentines Day – Party + Gift Ideas

you give me the kind of feeling
people write novels about  ♥

Valentines Day - Party Pieces by Creations by Sonia { }

We should express our feelings and emotions everyday for our loved ones, but sometimes it’s fun to indulge in something a little extra.. am I right?! I am super excited to showcase a few of Creations by Sonia’s gift + party pieces.

Aren’t the tassels so adorable! Absolutely fell in love with the heart print.. such perfect colours.  These are perfect for decor at parties like dessert tables, or as photobooth area decor.  Why not have a fun open-air photobooth setup with some custom made photo props (also made by Creations by Sonia) to add the perfect touch.

Valentines Day - Party Pieces by Creations by Sonia { }

Valentines Day - Party Pieces by Creations by Sonia { }

I’ve now launched tassel garland minis! As you can see, I have created these as cake toppers – perfect for my diaper cakes and towel cakes, but also for real cakes.  A unique way to decorate cakes without any wax drippings.  Come on – we’ve all been through that, haven’t we?  And who doesn’t love practical pieces that can be gifted and actually used afterwards?

Creations by Sonia - Towel Cake w. Mini Tassel Garland { }

Take a look at this one tier towel cake – a perfect little decor piece, but it can actually be used afterwards!  No.. maybe people don’t really want a towel as a gift.. but what I do is hide other gifts inside!  The perfect surprise.  Towel cakes can be spa themed, pamper pieces, or for bridal showers.  I take pieces from the wedding registry for you, and include them in the gift.   Win, win.  What’s inside this Valentine’s Day themed towel cake, you may ask?  Well.. that’s why its a surprise :)

Speaking of gifts, don’t forget Creations by Sonia loves to bring your vision to life.  I pride myself with taking a simple idea and creating something unique, visually appealing yet practical.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas by Creations by Sonia { }

I love what I do, and I hope it shows.  It makes me happy to find special pieces in and around town.. from gift boxes to towel cakes and diaper cakes.. the possibilities are endless.  And yes… that is a bottle of Poopourri in the gift box… haha! That’s what you call custom gifts.

Creations by Sonia - Valentines Day Favours/Gifts { }

If you’re still not sure what to do for the kiddies Valentines Day.. these ziplock sealed bags are the perfect little touch for the occasion! From MIchaels (now only $1.79), these bags are a great size to accommodate little favours.  Here I’ve used mini playdohs and balloons.  On the outside of the bags, I included little tags attached with washi tape.. best way to personalize! Simple, easy, but fun DIY that the kids will be sure to love.

Get in touch for all of your party and gifting needs.. taking ordinary items and creating extraordinary gifts.  Valentines Day or not.. everyone deserves a little love in their love