Vancouver Island Fairs & Shows

Oh, hey friends!

I think one of the best ways to get in to the hands of customers, like you, is to meet you in person!  As amazing as social media and word-of-mouth has been to me, it’s a completely different feeling when you can personally showcase your work to hundreds of people in person.

The two biggest fairs/shows/exhibitions (insert correct word here) that I have been a part of are the Vancouver Island Baby Fair, and the Creative Craft Fair.

The Vancouver Island Baby Fair was at the Pearkes Arena in Victoria, BC.  With so many talented vendors, it was truly amazing to see everyone having a good time!  This was my first “big show” and I’ll admit.. I was nervous! For obvious reasons, I focused more on my diaper cakes for this show.  I spent countless hours trying to make all styles of my creations – diaper tiered cakes, bassinets, bikes – including both disposable diapers and cloth.  Since I create custom gifts for all themes, it was difficult to simply pin-point certain styles.   How do you showcase your true talent, and the endless possibilities, to people that have never seen your work before?

Creations by Sonia @ VI Baby Fair

Overall it was an amazing show.

There was a constant flow of new and expecting parents that filled the aisles up.   And, not only did I meet some amazing people of Vancouver Island (and around BC for that matter!!), I met some wonderful businesses from all around the island! It was truly inspiring to see their dedication and passion for what they do.

Here I made a quick hyperlapse video from the show: VI Baby Fair.

I must like Pearkes Arena in Victoria, because my second biggest fair was the Creative Craft Fair at the same venue! This show was not audience specific, so I was pretty excited to showcase all of my work – from diaper cakes to gift baskets, printables, gift tags, and towel cakes.

Creations by Sonia @ Creative Craft Fair

There were over 125 other like-minded, driven, passionate artists in attendance – you can find the list here: Creative Craft Fair Exhibitor List.  I joined forces and shared my booth with the talented Tickle Tree Studio – show them some love! I actually met Tickle Tree Studio at the VI Baby Fair… talk about connections <3

Unlike the Baby Fair, the craft fair showcased so much variety of products (well, obviously)!  I met SO many wonderful people those 3 days.. it was amazing!  I had several people come up to me and say – “oh, I’ve seen you online before!” or “I’ve seen your creation at a baby shower!” … you have NO idea how awesome that feels.  Like.. seriously awesome!!

Here are a few photos from my display.  Like I mentioned earlier, because my work is so custom, and based on each customer’s specific requirements, it becomes difficult to showcase everything that I can do!  I love being given a challenge, so don’t feel shy to ask questions!

But,.. i’m learning.  I think that’s the biggest thing, right? It’s like that saying – if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

Three Simple Rules

Til next time,
xo, Sonia


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